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Maddie Rey provides in this book, the journey she went on growing up in the Church. She shares the experiences, the sacrifices, the realities, and how through it all she found her testimony as a Pastor’s kid growing up in Church.

“Growing up as a church kid, you often feel like you don’t have a testimony because you’ve never went out into the world and experienced all that it offers. Or you’re a Pastor’s kid and you have that ”Pastor’s kids are the worst” stereotype on your back, and it just pushes you to want to leave the church at 18. Or maybe you’re not a church kid and you’re unsure about completely surrendering yourself to Jesus because you still feel a pull to the things of this world. I understand all of that and I want to help you gain the GREATEST TESTIMONY of all times! And that is...to Dwell! I can’t tell you what it’s like to drink, smoke, party, or be promiscuous. But I can tell you how to live your life on fire for Jesus, how to never walk away from your faith or the church, and how to use your gifts and talents to glorify the Lord!" - Maddie Rey